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Volume 2 Greater Belsize

The Belsize Story: Volume 2 Greater Belsize in HD
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Volume 2 covers greater Belsize – Eton College Estate, the Fitzjohn’s/Netherhall area as well as the part of Belsize located on the eastern side of Haverstock Hill. Combining its fascinating historical background with a present-day architectural tour, The Belsize Story records the evolution of Belsize Park right up to the present day, featuring the buildings, the settings and most importantly, its people.

The films are directed and photographed by award-winning filmmaker David S Percy who lived as a child in Manor Mansions, on the corner of Belsize Grove and Belsize Park Gardens NW3.

"My congratulations for a film which has impressed everyone I have shown it to here at English Heritage."
Professor Andrew Saint, English Heritage.

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