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The Belsize Story

Combining its fascinating historical background with a present-day architectural tour, The Belsize Story records the evolution of Belsize Park right up to the present day, featuring the buildings, the beautiful settings and most importantly, its people. 

The areas of central and greater Belsize are captured in high definition, taking care to include plenty of close-up architectural details as well as recording conversations with local residents and other expert contributors.

The films are directed and photographed by the award-winning filmmaker David S Percy  who lived as a child in Manor Mansions, on the corner of Belsize Grove and Belsize Park Gardens. To learn more about this important record of Belsize Park please see The Belsize Story where there is more information and to
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Fiona Bruce
Fiona Bruce narrates
Andew Saint
Professor Andrew Saint

"My congratulations for a film which has impressed everyone I have shown it to here at English Heritage."
Professor Andrew Saint,
English Heritage

"A highly professional film. This was a mammoth undertaking with a huge amount of research.

The archive material, the interviews, the imagery, and the narration – have all combined to make compelling viewing. Your expertise in architecture has shone through. The story is fascinating, and my attention was held even though I do not know this area of London well."
Royal Photographic Society panel member

"All the research, the historic stills and the present views on film make a comprehensive record of the area now and for future generations. There is so much information we shall have to watch it many times before absorbing it all!
"If only the Camden planners would have an away day to look at your films and see the evidence of why the area is designated to be 'conserved' and why we strive to maintain the features that make it special.

"Having said that it is heartening to see so much that has been preserved, but not without a few battles along the way. With grateful thanks again from all us locals who love the area." Francoise Findlay, local resident

The Belsize Story -- --------- The Belsize Story

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Volume 1 covers Central Belsize.The second volume, covers Greater Belsize, including the Eton College Estate, and Fitzjohns/Netherhall areas, as well as Parkhill/Upper Park Conservation Area both available at the Secure Shop.

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